The Feeb

We could have some ham and eggs, if we had some ham and if we had some eggs

Had to do a couple of these to make up for an epic fail at inks. #sketch #phoenix #ent #fantasy
Instead of doing a few small ones, I did one large #drawing tonight. The wavy motif informed him becoming a #surfer -maybe that’s hard to see. Anyway was fun. Making myself stop to sleep in fact :)
I keep getting asked what tools I’m using for my recent drawings. Now I can just point the curious to this post. That fat drop lead is swappable with black prisma pencil. Blending marker can also be refilled on the cheap with rubbing alcohol. Zero eraser or the like. White gel pen: dabbed and smudged with napkin and finger. All on marker paper (important).
Keep getting asked, so from now on if I get asked what I use, I’ll point ‘email to this post. Last page of Sept ‘14
Another margin filler and another #sketchbook page filled. Feels good.
#bigfoot #sketch
I think I accidentally drew #MarkTwain during my lunch break.
One more #insomniasketch -be wary of a flying, glowing snowball-wielding, menacing, #vintagemustache baby #skeleton
Quickie margin filler. The King of Carrots? #sketch
End of weekend #sketch Supposed to be his collar, that shape by his head that looks like a wet fig newton.