The Feeb

We could have some ham and eggs, if we had some ham and if we had some eggs

Decided to try and push dimension a bit today. Playing with ideas. #zbrush @zbrushatpixologic

Got a bit more #zbrush time tonight after a little art time spent on something for a friend.

#throwbackthursday detail from ‘97
Bit late but here’s a #throwbackthursday -an unfinished pencil from 17 years ago. Detail shot to follow. “beast”(more like Pitt fan art)

Obsessing @zbrushatpixologic

@zbrushatpixologic you continue to free my creativity. Can’t get enough. So glad I finally bought #zbrush.
Happiest of birthdays: got in some #zbrush time on my 1st full body attempt @pixologic
#throwbackthursday oil painting I did 8 years ago
Making lemonade. Jury duty waiting around for dockets to fill, I did this #sketch on a tea- stained card.

A progress look at my first attempt at a full figure in #zbrush -little way to go on fig then I’ll try clothes, maybe pose and add props! Loads of fun.